Dronagiri - Trek of the year 2017
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Dronagiri - Trek of the year 2017

The residents of Dronogiri villagers have an interesting legend to narrate about the Ramayana. According to this legend, when Hanuman fetched the Sanjivani booti for Lakshman, he uprooted the entire mountain behind the village. As a result, the Ram Leela is only enacted till the part before the uprooting of the mountain for Sanjivini by Hanuman.

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The village has only one temple. Only the Pandit is allowed to go into the temple. People pray from a distance. It is also said that after the new concrete road was made, the chariot of the mata refused to take the new road and forced her carriers to take the old road to the temple.

The personification of the Himalayan range is Himavat. Legend has it that Himavat was the father of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva's consort. Himavat had a brother Drona is the personification of Drona parvat or mountain. It is believed that when the parvat was uprooted by Hanuman, the arm of Drona was injured. People believe that a part of the mountain that is red in colour is the part of the arm that had bled due to the injury.

It is said that when Hanuman came back with the mountain and asked for forgiveness. He did penance at the foot of the mountain. The place is marked and recognisable even today. Another legend has it that when Devi Parvati was being pursued by Mahishasur, she hid in the kund which still exists here. Mahishasur, with his horns, began digging the area, looking for her but to no avail. It is believed that Mahishasur is still digging there. As a result, the area can be seen as freshly dug even today.

The beauty of this area is incomparable. Like many other hidden treasures of the Himalayas, this area is rich in flora and fauna. Many kinds of priceless herbs can be found in these immensely cold, upper reaches of the Himalayas. During the spring and summer seasons, the vast mountain slopes get draped by innumerable varieties of flowering species. It is nothing less than heaven on earth!

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